Company Picnic

Exo had its second ever picnic!

Again, as with the Colorado Springs open house, a huge thank you to Jessica (Carr) Kuramata for organizing the event (food, Obi Wan, etc.) and even the events that led to the picnic. Despite a few drawbacks, Jessica handled them with grace and poise to ensure that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable time. I can only imagine how stressful it is to organize events for such an ever growing crowd, so again thank you!


A couple of weeks back Exonauts from all over the country gathered to see where it all started in Orange County. Given the growth of the company in the last year, it was the perfect time to gather all of the new hires for a couple days of work and an evening of fun activities. There was even a celebrity sighting! Master Obi Wan Kenobi dropped by for a few hours to train the Exonaut offspring. I was not exactly sure what he was doing there, but I am certain it must have had something to do with Jedi recruitment (thanks Kylo Ren). Aside from the celebrity appearance many took part in the bottle rocket launches and light saber battles. Luckily, of those who participated, no limbs were lost in battle. Only pride, maybe.



Against all odds, the only person to catch a bottle rocket was Bill Therien (one attempt only). He schooled all of the confident men who were trying to catch bottle rockets all afternoon. To paraphrase what he said, Bill attributed his success to not fearing the rocket. To capitalize on that, Bill truthfully put his entire mind, body, and spirit into that catch which garnered cheers from all those watching. Overall, the picnic was an overwhelming success!




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