EGTN Trip Day 5 – Wrapping up at OBP

Not too much for an update today.  Max and I slept in a little this morning after staying up later last night to complete work on the telescopes.  Following breakfast, we began to pack up in preparation for heading back to Switzerland tomorrow. A big moment in the morning is when our final package arrived.  I haven’t mentioned it here on the blog, but we have been waiting on a shipment containing the remaining 6 computers for our KTO install.  Since the package had not yet arrived, I had already devised a scheme that would allow us to complete installation without the new computers but am obviously relieved to now have them in our possession.  I had been tracking their progress since before our arrival here at OBP, but one thing I have learned with these international shipments is that you never know how long the customs process will actually take.  All of these computers were ordered at the end of February and just arrived about 1 month later!

After ducking back in to town to get lunch and dinner squared away (we cooked for ourselves again!), Max and I worked the rest of the afternoon to get the computers setup ahead of our work at KTO.  This timed out perfectly with the sunset which parlayed us into touching up focus and viewing limits on the scopes here at OBP.  Now we are finishing up our dishes, then packing ahead of the drive tomorrow.

So all in all, a very productive day for us here and we are leaving OBP in a much better spot for the network than when we arrived.  It is always tough to leave this observatory due to its scenic location, but we are both eager to get to KTO in order to bring that observatory up to EGTN standards!

Talk tomorrow,



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