EGTN Trip Day 7 – Arriving in Morocco

Max and I are safely in Morocco.  During our last trip here, I learned to plan extra time and patience while traveling from point A to point B. While I was making the preparations for this trip I told myself, give an entire day getting from Geneva to Marrakech you;ll need it.  Given our arrival time in Morocco, I would have made the drive to the observatory if it was essentially any other site.  However, I had a feeling it would be slow moving to get out of the airport so I trusted my gut and set aside the day.

After leaving our hotel in Geneva at approximately 11:00 am (UTC+1) we finally arrived at our hotel in Marrakech at 20:00 (UTC).  20:00 is definitely not a good time to start an 8 hour drive out to KTO! Between returning rental cars, clearing customs out of the EU and back through into Morocco, getting the new rental car, etc. things just get bogged down!

That said, we are safely here and about to grab breakfast before hitting the road out to KTO. We have about 4 turning directions then it is just straight out a two lane road the rest of the way.  I’ll take some pictures during our drive and get them up here for you to see the stark contrast between our OBP and KTO drives!

I’ll leave you with a picture of the airport.  I don’t remember a lot of construction going on during our last visit, but definitely don’t remember this grand of an airport!

Talk soon,


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