EGTN Trip Day 9 – Revamping KTO

Busy, busy day today here at KTO.  Our day started with unpacking all of the new telescope boxes and placing them in the shed.  Then we jumped into wiring and beginning the work of upgrading the roof automation hardware here on site.  After lunch, I continued wiring up as many of the scopes as I could while Max chugged away on the bits to tie the roof controller together.  Now I know that I am only 4 sentences into this post, but that is what we accomplished today.  It may not sound like a lot, but with the number of scopes and significant level of upgrade to the automation we made huge progress today, placing us way ahead of schedule.  As long as there are no unforeseen hiccups tomorrow, we should be up and running from all sensors tomorrow night with full roof automation!  Weather forecast has clear skies for the next two nights, so everything appears to be shaping up for us to complete everything here in our allotted time (always a relief to me when I know we shouldn’t need to feel up against it).

Since we were cruising along in the shed today, there is not much in the way of pictures.  Looking, the only one I have today is when we noticed the residents of the nomadic tents heading out with their camels (Bob, I told you I’d find you a camel! I don’t think TSA will let me bring it home though…)

Have a great weekend everyone! When you get back on Monday you’ll have a fully revamped KTO!



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