EGTN Hawai’i Trip Day 3 – Cruising Along

Guess this trip is not as blog worthy as the last trip through Morocco and France, as there is no major update again today.

On site, Max and I continued to run wires for all of the computers as well as completing prep work for the telescope installation.  There are a few last minute touch-ups required with the observatory’s ability to open and close before we are able to observe, so we have delayed setting up the telescopes until the remainder of the observatory is complete.  This has allowed us to finalize other aspects, such as all of the computer placement and weather hardware install, so as soon as the scopes are placed (likely tomorrow) we will be off and running 100%.

I was too swamped up in the work today to grab any pictures, but I’ll do my best to grab a few tomorrow.  It was another gorgeous day out here with lots of sun in the morning, followed by a significant about of rain in the afternoon.  Hopefully it will dry out over the next few days so we can finish up our work!

Talk tomorrow!

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