EGTN Hawai’i Trip Day 3 and 4 – Good (work) Friday

Hi everyone!  Missed one day there with everything going on, but wanted to be sure to get a little post up before Max and I head off to Molokai tomorrow.

The overal summary of the past two days is rain. We were told that it had not rained at our new observatory for about a month before we arrived and that we brought it with us.  It has now rained at the new site the last 3 days! With that, Max and I have done all that we can inside the shed to prepare for first light, without actually being able to focus. Internet, computers, wiring, weatherproofing, etc. are all set just need clear skies to focus everything up. Here is an example of how cloudy/rainy/foggy it was leaving the observatory yesterday:


Looks pretty tropical right?  One of the biggest taunts of the trip so far is the view down to the beaches from the site.  Since we are about halfway up the mountain, we are able to see down to the perfect beach days while we are sitting in the rain. Max and I have not jumped in the water at all yet this trip as we’ve been shuttling ourselves back and forth between the North and South sides of the island. I know, I know, complaining about being in Hawai’i. . . Tomorrow we are taking a boat over to Molokai, so hopefully we’ll be able to jump in at some point during our trip over.

Speaking of the North side of the island, our PMO site is now back up and fully operational!  We made a few additional tweaks to our weather automation algorithms and anticipate more data coming in from this site as a result.  We are currently streaming data back as I type this!  There has also been a little customization to the PMO shed.  The owner took advantage of the new space and is working on building it out as a little “jungle shack.” It is pretty sweet!



The full length windows are what get me the most.  I look forward to seeing it completed next time I’m out!

So to sum up, we’ve been out here for about a week now, have brought one shed back to life and the other is just one step away from being complete.  The second shed will be put on the shelf for the next week as we head off to put in the new shed on Molokai tomorrow. Internet does not get installed on Molokai until the 17th, so I will likely not have an update until then. So until Monday, I hope everyone has a great weekend and for those that celbrate the weekend, happy Easter!


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