EGTN Hawai’i Trip – Back on Maui

Office views here on Maui.

Beauty of reliable internet and electricity, is you are lucky enough to hear from me two days in a row. Or, maybe it is to your detriment? Whichever side of the coin you fall on, Max and I are back working on Maui finishing up both observatories here.  We met with the builder today to continue moving forward on Molokai and everything is pointing in the right direction there.  We have put in the order for the beefier equipment and will be installed once it arrives.  Then we’ll be fully going at DHO.

Here on Maui, we completed the last remaining task at PMO as well as finishing up all of the telescope wiring at SDO.  There are a few more items to shore up tomorrow, but we through in the towel today because this was our surrounding:


Pretty difficult to focus through a cloud… We waited out sunset to be sure that nothing cleared up, but through in the towel in order to make it to town before all of the restaurants closed down for the night.

Tomorrow we have a few meetings with our site hosts out here then back out to SDO to finish the remaining work and hopefully focus! Only a few days left here on island, so hopefully everything cooperates!

I hope everyone has/had a great weekend!


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