EGTN Hawai’i Trip – Putting a Bow On It

Well, we’ve finally made it.  When we are in the middle of all the work the time seems to fly by, but now that we have successfully completed all of our work on the trip I realize how long we have really been out on this trip.  Tonight we finalized the focus for the telescopes for both our PMO and SDO observatories.  First light for SDO was yesterday as Max and I battled clouds in order to ensure the scopes were focused before we leave.

Otherwise, we have been trying to enjoy the island a little bit and act as tourists/relax before flying back home.  Putting in long days definitely gets exhausting, so the fact that we have a small amount of “free” time to enjoy our surroundings is something unique for us! Max and I are usually working straight up to the flight home.

To exemplify this, we even got out surfing today! This was Max’s first time on a board and through a contact we have we were able to get Max set up with a lesson from a big wave surfer. I have no problem teaching him, but you can’t pass that up. You’ll have to ask Max for yourself, but there sure was a big grin on his face on the beach after we got back in!

So with that, I will leave you all on this little Hawaiian adventure of ours and look forward to seeing everyone at the ATM!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the little tid bits I was able to provide!


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