EGTN South Africa Day 1 – 50 hours later

Hello from South Africa!  After a trek of a trip getting over here we are safely at our new site a few hours outside of Cape Town.  Max and I left LAX on a 13:00 PDT flight on Saturday May 13 (sorry mom!) and arrived in Cape Town at 10:00 SAST Monday May 15.  In between we had a one hour layover turn to 3 hours in Dulles then another 8 hours in Frankfurt, Germany.  The 8 hours allowed us to walk around outside for a bit before jumping on the 12 hour flight down to Cape Town. From our aimless wandering we found a little field:


After making it down to Cape Town, we headed directly out to the site as this is the last day our builder was here before going back home.  Thankfully it was only a two hour drive, so not too bad after our 40 hours of travel to arrive in the Cape.  About halfway through our drive out we stopped to get a little caffeine kick and more water.  So traveling half way across the world, here was the coffee shop at the gas station:


Ha! Seattle Coffee Co. love it. A little iced coffee for the road (a lot hotter here than we initially planned!) we made it out to the site.  We timed everything out well with the build complete and just a few minor instals required once we arrived.  Here is the shed:


We continued to work on-site until the sun went down and then headed back to the B&B, had dinner and then went to bed for the first time in 50 hours.  Let’s just say I fell asleep before I even hit the pillow.

Hope everyone had a good Monday, great to see everyone at the ATM!


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