EGTN South Africa Day 2 and 3 – Scopes are here!

Well day 2 and 3 have both flown by and I find myself here on the 4th morning asking where the time has gone! I filled everyone in a little on the all hands call yesterday (err, that was two days ago now) but we are making great progress out here.  At this point we are about 85% of the way done with the install at the new observatory.  All that is left now is wiring of telescopes and IT/computer work.

As the title of this post hints at the telescopes arrived!  This was the first build where I arrived without confirmation that the telescopes had been delivered.  The host here and I have been working hard to get everything through and delivered. I was confident that we would; however, the timing of it all was starting to get a little tight! With the delivery yesterday, everything for this install and maintenance at the other two locations is in country.

The main issue for us at the moment is the internet continues to be a problem. A technician has been out to look at it over the past two days and we have connection for about 30 minutes before it dies out again.  Today we will have replacement equipment installed as hopefully the current setup is just a dud.  That is the last piece of the puzzle to having a fully operating observatory here tonight.  Also allow us to have connectivity on site, as we do not have cell service onsite.

I’ll look at taking a few more pictures today as we are working around, but have been pretty busy over the past few days and haven’t taken many.  One I did take yesterday was priceless and is truly installed above the handicap spot at the grocery store in town:


And then one quick image as we were driving back to the B&B:


So hopefully I’ll be reporting first light to everyone tomorrow, but until then have a great Thursday!


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