EGTN South Africa Trip Day 4 – First Light!

Spoiler alert with the title, but Max and I were able to get everything together in time last  night to focus up the telescopes! As it usually turns into, it was a mad dash at the end to pull it together in time but any extra time we have to calibrate the scopes is well worth the little push in effort.  And with that, it will make today more of a tying up lose ends day instead of installing equipment and hardware.

Yesterday was split into two separate stories. Our host here needed to fly back home so Max took him back into Cape Town to fly over to Joburg while I stayed on site to wait for the internet technician. As it turns out our internet antennae was a dud so now with the new piece of hardware we are up and running on site! For Max, it was likely a long day in the car as it is two hours one way into Cape Town, but he champed it out and made it back in just about 4.5 hours after he left.

With the split stories and mad dash, I never was able to take any pictures yesterday, so this is going to be a short post.  We have two more nights here at BTO and then we’ll be off to QTO. BTO should be up as a fully operational EGTN site tonight, officially pushing the number of active scopes above 160!

Not relevant to South Africa, but to the EGTN overall. Chile has been experiencing some crazy weather with rain and snow of the past few weeks.  As exhibited by this picture of ESO:


I can’t believe that is the same place that we were last year in what felt like the middle of the desert! Again, that is Chile where it is never supposed to really rain!

Hope everyone has a great Friday and talk soon!


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