EGTN South Africa Update 4 – Off to QTO!


Check one off the list! BTO is now up and running as a fully operational EGTN site. We have collected data the past few nights, but unable to get a full night in due to cloud/humidity spiking around midnight. Here is how we have adjusted the “skyline” in the area:


The little white building in the middle is us, in between a couple of farms and just a speck in the scope of the surrounding valley.

With only focus touch up and other miscellaneous work to do later in the day, Max and I took a little advantage of being in a rather large wine area and did a little wine tasting and lunch at a winery.


Following lunch there were some trails in the vineyard so we poked around for a little bit:


This morning we set off on our 9 hour road trip up to QTO to begin the maintenance and installation up there. We’ll likely get there late tonight and begin working on-site tomorrow. The installation here at BTO was generally smooth so hopefully the rest of the trip treats us the same.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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