EGTN South Africa Update 8 – All Dusted and Sorted


Well the trip is officially a wrap.  Max and I are now sitting in Pretoria ahead of our flight tomorrow out of Johannesburg. Everything at LTO went very smoothly, just a decent level of work as we effectively reinstalled all 9 sensors that are in there now.  With the work completed, everything is now up to par with what we have come to expect from each of our sheds. As we have not had hands on this once since the end of 2015, there was plenty of work to do. Unfortunately, one of our pieces of hardware malfunctioned while we were here so one scope is currently sitting waiting for a replacement. In all of the trips and work that we have completed around the world, the fact that this is the first time this piece has gone awry is lucky/surprising/fill in your favorite adjective.  This sensor will be online in a couple weeks once we send the replacement out so no drama there!

And for those that want to see what about 50TB of raw images in a bag looks like:

I had a pretty embarrassing “I’m from a first world country” moment here at LTO though. Max and I stopped by the grocery store on the first day as we knew we would be having lunch on site each day.  With that, we picked up some sandwich supplies. The bread at the store we sold as a loaf, but unsliced.  Next to the bread is the machine that slices it for you.  Max and I stood there for a bit staring at it to figure out how it worked.  It felt kind of like the Zoolander moment where the files are “in the computer.”  A guy took pity on us and explained that how it worked so I put the loaf in the machine and sliced it up. But…
… uh ya that didn’t go as planned. Turns out I needed to put it sideways and not the direction I did.  At least we had sliced bread? Just not even and consistent…

It has been a very good trip overall for us out here, but I know we are both looking forward to getting home after being out on the road for over 3 weeks. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed following us through our trip here.  Hope everyone has a good weekend and can embrace it as well as Frodo the Great Dane did earlier today:


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