EGTN November Trip Update 4 – On To Australia!

After a successful trip outside of Cape Town, we are on to the next installation.  Trent went home following the South Africa portion and Max is flying (as I type this) to Australia to join on the second half of the installations this month,

I, however, ended up flying directly from South Africa to Australia.  Instead of flying home (40+ hours travel time), staying home for about 60 hours to get back on a plane to travel for another 20+ hours to reach our location outside of Melbourne, I decided coming straight to Australia was the right decision to maintain sanity.  Additionally, I was able to have a follow-up meeting with a contact we made while at AMOS this year. With that and playing catchup from the South Africa install, I considered it more of a “workcation.” For the past few days I effectively opened up the Exo-Bondi Beach office.


It is definitely summertime in Australia right now. During our time in South Africa, we battled winds and what seemed like every season over the course of the week if not a single day. Since I’ve arrived in Australia, the beaches have been packed, sun’s been out and weather has been overall gorgeous. And those that might have asked the question, yes I was able to rent a board (or hire one as they call it here) and sneak a surf in! Here are a couple other pictures from opposing vantage points I took during my wanderings along Bondi Beach:



Following the little time in Bondi, I jumped on a plane to Melbourne to meet up with Max. I’ll be at the airport in the morning to pick him up and then we’ll be heading off to CCO! It will be pretty neat to see CCO become a full observatory. CCO was our very first international sensor so the little guy is growing up.  Going from a manure cart to a roll-off-roof building, pretty neat! Tonight I am spending the night in St. Kilda which is a suburb outside of Melbourne. I continued the trip down memory lane by coming down here as this is where I stayed before embarking on the big 10 hour drive across Australia to install the second sensor on the first international trip.  It was fun poking around briefly today thinking about how far this whole thing has come over the past 5 years!  Here is a picture of the beach at 19:00 as well as sunset from tonight:



All of the bodies you see are people standing in the water. The sandbar apparently goes really far out!

So tomorrow we are back on the installation grind after I’ve been playing catchup over the past couple of days. Looking forward to getting going here and helping to add a little more redundancy to our Australian coverage!

Thanks for reading and I hope your week is off to a good start. I’ll leave you with one stereotypical picture I took of the Sydney Harbor.



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