EGTN November Trip Update 5 – Where’s summer?


Well I apparently shot us in the foot. My last post discussed how it was fully summertime here in Australia; however, as soon as we arrived onsite here at CCO we were met by rain. It has now been raining for the past two days along with some thunder and lighting coming around tonight! Good news is that the weather is forecast to clear over the weekend and we have plenty to accomplish ahead of focusing the scopes.

Picking Max up at the airport was fairly straightforward minus the elevators in the parking garage.  They were freight elevators, but too many people not enough elevators. With that we schlepped the bags up a few flights of stairs, just what Max wanted after a 16 hour flight! We then headed out to our AirBnB and had a nice little welcome:


After unpacking and grabbing lunch we headed out to CCO and jumped in on building and setting up the computers.  At the end of our first day we had the computers effectively done and ready to rock.  Today we completed the IP’ing of all the equipment as well as shipped off some replacement hardware to ASO as that site is down due to lightning strike (weather has been fairly crazy across Australia the past little bit!) Tomorrow will be telescope setup, but we will not likely be able to focus until Saturday as rain and cloud is still in the forecast for tomorrow. All in all, everything is going well here and are right on schedule if not a little ahead!

With the rain today we had to get a little creative with our coat hanger. We did not want to set our dripping wet rain jackets on our host’s equipment in his garage so got a little crafty with the a cardboard box and a couple wood screws!


Hope everyone’s week is cruising along nicely and ideally my next report will be that we are fully running here at CCO v2.0!


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