Meet Mike Bantel

He’s kind of a mad scientist in the best of ways. He’s a founder and CTO here at Exo and for a while he even took on the role of facilities manager. By facilities manager I mean that Mike took on the task of acquiring staplers, chairs, etc. Dr. Mike Bantel is a sort of … More Meet Mike Bantel

Company Picnic

Exo had its second ever picnic! Again, as with the Colorado Springs open house, a huge thank you to Jessica (Carr) Kuramata for organizing the event (food, Obi Wan, etc.) and even the events that led to the picnic. Despite a few drawbacks, Jessica handled them with grace and poise to ensure that everyone had a … More Company Picnic

Meet Greg McNeill

The man, myth, and self-proclaimed contrarian hiding behind a whole lot of Dilbert paraphernalia. Picture Courtesy: Jessica Carr Setting the Stage Walking into Greg’s office I noticed something striking: the Dilbert comic strips were hidden and all that was to show for the fascination was a mere book on the shelf The Dilbert Principle. Disclaimer: … More Meet Greg McNeill